hooked again

Dear Annie,

It's been a while since I picked up a crochet hook. Today, I made a few little crochet flowers to use on homemade cards. It was good to know that my fingers had remembered what they were doing because I have my eye on a new crochet project. 

Since you so kindly gave me Kat Goldin's fabulous book for my birthday, I have been desperate to have a go at one of the gorgeous patterns. I would like to begin by making something for the baby, I just have to decide what- there are so many tempting patterns, and I have so little time!

Love from,



  1. Kat's book is incredible isn't it! I love that going back to crochet is like cycling, your brain always tends to remember what to do x Penny

  2. Cute flowers! I like the idea of sticking them on cards.
    I am slowly but surely slipping down the crochet tunnel - my love is growing ...

  3. Such cute flowers Laura, Kat's book does look amazing xx

  4. Lovely colours, it is a lovely book too, enjoy it :)


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