twenty minute tote

Dear Annie,

As you may remember, for the last few years, I have given my Mum a handmade present for Mother's Day. I didn't want to break with that tradition, but with a birthday party to organise, time was short this year. Thanks to Mollie Makes, I came across a bag tutorial from the Purl Bee called the twenty minute tote. I'm not sure that I was quite as speedy as that- I suspect that it was more like an hour long tote once I had gathered my materials and set up the sewing machine, etc.- but twenty minute tote is pleasingly alliterative, so I'm sticking with it!The fabric was left over from my upholstery project,so it was a thrifty gift as well as a speedy one- all I needed to buy was the cotton webbing for the handles, that and couple of little goodies to go inside.

Love from,



  1. Little totes are always useful. I could do with a few more - seem to be creeping back towards plastic bags recently.

  2. I just love this fabric. Sometimes the quickest things can be the best :)


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