Toasty Slippers

Dear Laura,

I have been knitting, it is very exciting, I feel so free, now the blanket isn't staring at me wanting my attention. Do you remember that wool that I bought at loop, well one of the many wools that I bought at loop? I finally got to play with it and I made these toasty slippers. Inspired by a picture nancy at figs and roses put up a little while ago, I desperately wanted a pair. So I figured it out, played octopus needles, at one point I think I had 8 needles occupied at once, redid the heels and the toes a few times but finally managed to get them just right. They are a little big, if I was to do it again I would leave off a couple of stitches but I love the way the cables go down the front. 

There is one thing that annoyed me though, the needles I used were horrible. Horrible, there was a gash in one of them and it kept ripping the wool, it was heart breaking. It was pretty frustrating as every time I changed needle I had to check which end I was using. Anyway, I am enjoying my new slipper-socks now and will wear them with great joy whilst winter turns into spring.

Lots of love



  1. What gorgeous, chunky anddelicious slipper socks Annie. Boo to needles that keep ripping the wool! Enjoy the cosinesstill theSpringeventually arrives xox Penny

  2. Just what the Doctor ordered.

  3. What fantastic adorable slipper socks - I so want them :)

  4. Ooooo they look really cosy! Time to get some new needles by the sounds of it :) x


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