Some Sunshine To Brighten Up the Dark Days

Dear Laura,

It is not only the UK that has been suffering this long drawn out winter. Here in DC it seems like it is taking forever for spring to bounce into our lives again, so I am taking matters into my own hands. Well by that I mean that I have made this cushion out of some lovely bright mustard yellow material to substitute for the sun until it decides that it is in fact time to show up and get the blossoms started.

Not much longer one hopes!

lots of love


p.s. Happy Easter! There isn't much celebration over on this side of the pond, no holidays or anything, but I have managed to snaffle a chocolate bunny to enjoy later today. I hope you are having a fab easter weekend.


  1. What a lovely sunny cushion x

  2. Happy Easter! Do you think if we all make a concerted effort to make happy sunny cushions spring will *have* to come?

  3. Very pretty cushion Annie, mustards a great colour for brightening things up & I'm really loving the birds on twigs :)

  4. Gosh, how very odd not to have celebrations at Easter. Lovely fabric, though.

  5. Gorgeous fabric ... it definitely looks springlike ... Bee xx


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