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Dear Annie,

I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately. Both boys have been ill and so have I, and there hasn't been much time for crafting. I've been slowly knitting away at my blanket, but nothing else!

Now, however, everyone is on the mend and I have sewing on my mind. As you know, and as anyone who also reads my personal blog may also know, I am expecting another baby in about a month and a half.

Now that I have my new sewing machine, I would love to make something for the new arrival. I had a dig around in my fabric stash and rediscovered this fabulous green animal-print cotton sheet that I picked up at a Brocante in France a few years ago. It came with a pillow case, which I made into a cushion, using the remaining scraps as patches for an eiderdown that I found at the same Brocante. The sheet, however, I have been loathe to cut into, and as yet I have struggled to think of the right project to use it for. 

I did wonder about a quilted play mat so that I could keep a large section of the fabric intact. I have been perusing my sewing books in hope of inspiration but I am hoping that some of the clever sewists who read the blog might have some suggestions!

In an ideal world, I might manage a little sewing time over the Easter weekend. Here's hoping!

Love from,


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  1. Easter sewing sounds lovely! perhaps you could use the wonderful fabric as a quilt backing, that way you wouldn't have to cut into it, and you'd get a wonderful reversible mat x


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