Crafty Pen Pals

Dear Laura,

You remember Ksenia right? She posted here a year or so ago but I always like to think of her as the lady with robots on her dress. Anyway other than having fantastic style she has been knitting away like a crazy thing. I have no idea where she finds all the time. You might recall how I made these pijamas for her, knowing what a fan of giraffes she is. Well, I had to let her know in order to get a couple of measurements and what should appear in the post a couple of days ago but a little package just for me with these beauties in it! (there were also some white rabbits, the sweet kind not the real bunny kind, they didn't last long enough to take a photo).

They are amazing, she is such a talented knitter, it always astounds me when people produce such beautiful stuff. They also go with this scarf she knitted me a little while ago.

I love it and I love that we have been sending crafted bits back and forth so much now that I do believe we are proper crafty pen pals. What better than receiving a parcel with homemade goodies in it. Long may it last.

Lots of love


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  1. oooo yes, I want a crafty pen pal too :)


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