Casting On

Dear Laura,

Spring is in the air, I could tell by the brisk cold winds and the snow today. However, the birds have begun to chirp again and the golden daffodil heads are popping up all over the place. Waking up from the sleepiness of winter it felt like a good time to start thinking about what to do with all that lovely wool I bought at Loop with you. 

Now over the last two months I have to admit, I have been picking up some of my skeins and giving them a hug. I can't help it, the wool is so soft and the colours so vibrant. My first project (of three) is to make some cable knit socks. As you can see I haven't got too far yet, but I am so excited to be working on them. These will be my first pair of socks and I am going to try to make up the cable pattern too so I imagine it isn't going to be the easiest journey. It is so fun to be knitting again!

Lots of love



  1. DPNs!! Very brave, I hate them! They'll be nice & cosy when you're done though :)

  2. Beautiful yarn Annie, i love to go to Loop as a special treat when I am in London. I'll be interested to see what pattern you are using with such weighty yarn and much quicker than 4 ply I should think xox Penelope

  3. That yarn looks perfect for cables - they'll be very lovely. Toast-esque.


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