A Small Purse

Dear Laura,

Often I head out with R for a nice afternoon walk around the neighbourhood. Generally I am not so keen to carry my big wallet around with me so I made this small purse. Just big enough to carry a couple of my cards and a little bit of cash, it is perfect for our little walks. I have to make sure I have some cash for essential ice creams and such like.

Lots of love



  1. a girl should always carry her ice cream money with her! xxx

  2. Very cute - I just love the fabric and I can see your pj's inside :)

  3. I spy a little giraffe or two :o) I agree with driftwood, emergency ice cream money always needed xox

  4. So cute and plenty big enough for a few coins - coffee money would be my essential x

  5. I need a tiny purse - my proper purse is so stuffed with loyalty cards and vouchers and receipts I can barely find ice cream money in it!

  6. Very cute & would make a great going out purse too :-)


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