Gloves the Colour of Ancient Ice

Dear Laura,

A long long time ago I was wondering through the white house farmers market, where I stumbled across two lovely ladies selling wool they had dyed and spun themselves(you can read about that here). Their wool was so lovely I couldn't resist but buy some. I liked it so much that I wanted to find just the right project to use it on, this has taken two years, but finally at thanksgiving I started to knit. I wanted try to figure out how to do thumb holes in fingerless gloves by myself so it was a bit of an experimental knit to say the least. In general though it was nice an easy, I went for rib stitch in the round and then increased a little around the thumb holes, held the stitches with safety pins as I finished off to the fingers and then went back and finished the thumbs. 

They have been keeping me warm ever since I knit them. The perfect accompaniment to winter and all the lovely hand knits I get to snuggle into at this time of year.

Lots of love



  1. oh they're gorgeous, I love the colour. I love the look of ribbing, but hate doing it, I am sooooo slow.........

  2. I love these! The colour of the yarn is gorgeous too :O)x

  3. You had me with the title of this post ... the mitts are lovely, and the yarn looks luscious, but oh, the colour, it's gorgeous :D

  4. I love the colour and they do look fabulous and warm.

    Nina x

  5. I adore this colour :) I hope you pop back and show them!


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