Friendship Pyjamas

Dear Laura,

 (you will notice that the underside is the wrong way up, I didn't at this point)
 (marking on the pattern with biro, a bad habit I must get out of)
(Salvaging two legs from the scraps)

Gosh for some reason I feel like its been a while since I spoke to you, which of course isn't the case at all, I think this week has just been extra lenghty! I wanted to show you these PJs that I made for Ksenia. They might look a rather similar to some that I made last year. When I saw the giraffe material I immeadiately thought of Ksenia, but I wanted some pijamas for myself, so I made myself some and then rushed back to the shop to see if they had anymore of the material. Luckily they did and I bought up another 3 yards. 

I don't normally make clothes for other people as sizing is really hard if they are not around to measure and fit too. I got Ksenia to send me her measurements and attempted to make the pattern to fit. I was a little over confident the second time around and happily cut my pattern out and then realised that I had one side of the leg with the giraffes facing up and the other with the giraffes facing down! I swore a little and huffed and puffed at my own stupidity and then, much to my relief, managed to salvage two pattern pieces from the left over scraps. So here is my tip... before cutting think about what the pattern is for and if you are doing two sides of something, instead of folding the material in half, cut it in half and make sure the pattern is facing in the same direction.

I will finally send these PJs to Ksenia, she has been waiting over a month, I hope they fit and she loves them as much as I love mine!

Lots of love



  1. I love this fabric - Oh dear, I've done that with the upside down cutting too :)

  2. Giraffe pyjamas??!! GENIUS!!
    Love the fabric!
    (and I too am always marking fabric with a biro, and swear every time I will stop doing it (and don't))
    Have a super week.


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