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Dear Laura,

I have been sewing and sewing, what with my self imposed one woolen project at a time (see here), I am finding sewing projects to distract myself with. I found this lovely bird material in the shop the other day and couldn't resist it. It is flannel which is a little odd but I bought a ton of it anyway. I am hoping to make a dress with the rest of it. I am not sure how that will turn out but it is super soft and nice and warm. I had an old computer case which I chopped up for the inside soft spongey stuff. It wasn't ideal and if I was to make another one I would get some fresh padding as it could be cut to size a lot more easily. I also recycled the zip, that was much more successful.

Lots of love



  1. fab idea, that's beautiful fabric, i love using flannel to back quilts for the kids but it's really hard to find nice patterned flannel over here, pj's would be super cosy in it too!

  2. Oh I like the idea of a flannel fabric dress or nightie would be fun too x

  3. I agree, nighties or pjs would be snuggly and cosy. Such pretty material and, of course, your case is so much smarter than any found in the apple store!

  4. Clever - and cute :)
    A flannel dress would be adorable - so cosy!


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