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Dear Annie,

As you know, here in the UK we have had a rather snowy week. With schools closed and roads icy, we have spent much of our time at home, either outside on the sledge, or inside by the fire. 

I can't remember a week where I have had so much time to knit. Sitting curled up on the sofa under a blanket knitting whilst I could hear the boys crunching around in the snow outside was an absolute treat.

I have cast on a blanket with the wool that I chose on our trip to Loop. The pattern is a delight to knit: lacy and beautiful yet surprisingly simple. Perfect for lazy afternoons by the fire.

Love from


PS: Pattern details here on Ravelry


  1. Oh what a beautiful blanket ... the pattern is gorgeous ... I am determined to learn how to knit this year ... Bee xx

  2. Ooh lovely, and a perfect colour too. I am knitting a 'surprisingly simple' cowl at the moment but seem to be taking one step forward, two steps back with it. Knitting late at night is not a great idea, I have discovered!

  3. Beautiful colour and pattern - can you knit one for me next please?! x

  4. It's going to be gorgeous - isn't it a pretty pattern?! I haven't tried Cascade - are you liking it?


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