Dear Annie,

Like many small children, my boys are completely obsessed with the idea of superheroes. R, the youngest, often refuses to have his coat zipped up because he prefer to wear it raised above his head as 'superboy'. There was no doubt that these were boys in need of superhero capes, so I decided to make them some for Christmas. After searching Pinterest and looking at various cape patterns and tutorials, I came across a brilliant one from The Long Thread. I chose to use a plain coloured polycotton for the outside of the capes, and a shiny silver fabric for the linings to make them extra swishy and super-looking! 

They only took an evening to whip up (which was lucky because I left making them to the very last minute!) and they were a huge hit with both the small and the large superhero. Of course they were notoriously hard to photograph because as you can imagine, superheroes don't stand still!

When I have a minute to spare, I think I may make a couple of pairs of these cuffs to match.

Love from,



  1. gorgeous! I love those little fists :)

  2. Whoa, those capes are great! My eldest son has designed a complete superhero costume he would like me to make for him so I will bear your pattern in mind!

  3. Fantastic! Cloaks and capes were always a firm favourite with my girls too.


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