Shower Caps

Dear Laura,

Sometimes I have an idea in my head for so long eventually if I don't try it I think I am going to go mad. I have been wanted to try to make a shower cap for ages. I like the idea of choosing some outrageous fabric to cheer myself up in the morning before work and it seems so simple. 

As you know I don't do anything sensible like try to find a pattern, part of what I enjoy is the challenge of figuring out how something goes together. I make a lot of mistakes but I don't mind that so much. This shower cap is ok, I learnt a lot along the way, the first is that you need a lot more material than I first thought and the material I choose is a bit stiff. It is my prototype and I am fairly pleased with it.

Preparation and materials

The smaller circle is what I thought I needed, the larger, was what I actually needed!

After its inaugural use

The next one is going to be bright pink with spots. That will wake me up in the morning and make me giggle a little bit too.

lots of love



  1. I love it ... the print is very pretty ... definitely some happy for your mornings ... Bee x

  2. The fabric is beautiful! I'm glad I'm not the only one who just likes to try and make something without overly thinking about it!
    Helen x

  3. That looks fab! I would never have thought about making a shower cap - and I love the fabric :-) .


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