Recycling Gloves

Dear Laura,

It got cold. Very very cold. We were all muttering about how the winter was rather mild this year, lots of sunshine as always but the temperature was rarely dipping below zero (unusual for D.C.). But then it happened. The weekend had been a lovely 10 - 15C then on Tuesday morning I woke up to  subzero temperatures, by Thursday a beautiful layer of snow had fallen covering the ground. The temperature has not risen above zero since and it is looking like it will stay that way for a while longer. 

This troubled me as my rather lovely cashmere gloves were falling apart at the seams, well fingers really and I was not rocking the holey glove look.

They are beautifully warm so I couldn't face throwing them out, I needed new ones to keep my little fingers from freezing off. So I decided... I would buy new gloves and turn my old ones into fingerless gloves that I can wear around the house for knitting and such like. There is nothing like snipping through knitted wool with a pair of sharp scissors. After I had chopped the fingers off, I turned the edges over and sewed them up.

I am wearing them right now as I type and I am so pleased

I hope you are keeping warm over that side of the pond, I believe this is exactly the weather that requires hand knits and hot chocolate, perfect!

Lots of love



  1. hand knits and hot chocolate. love it. sounds like the perfect recipe for cosy to me x

  2. I love it when a new creation comes from a holey one! They are as you say too pretty to discard and look perfect for being crafty with x


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