Mending and Adjusting

Dear Laura,

I have finally taken all the dresses out of my closet that needed mending and adjusting before I can wear them. It is the new year and I am cleaning up and clearing out! Two of the dresses are work dresses that I bought ages ago and have only just got round to tightening up around the waist to stop them from looking like shapeless sacks (well a slight exaggeration but still!). The others are just fun colours and fabrics that need attention to be able to be worn day to day. 

I love fitted clothes and this is one of my favourite things to do, it gives me so much freedom when buying clothes especially second hand. 

                     Before                                After
              (a little bit loose)           (tighten the arms and waist now it
                                                   fits a little better)

Now I have 4 new dresses and a gorgeous summer shirt, only 5 months to go until I can contemplate wearing that one!

Lots of love



  1. What a difference a little sewing adjustment makes. A beautiful dress, fitted well and the colour is sublime.

  2. Well - the improvement is fantastic! Well done. Those jobs we put off eh, so often they take only a moment when we get on to it. I fixed a hole in one of my bags this afternoon.... 30 secs. Do you know how many months I've had that hole?
    I don't know how you can sew on the floor? Super bendy.

  3. Gorgeous results! I have tio admit though, the shot of you sewing on the floor made my back and hips ache in sympathy!

  4. What fabulous makeover's though I do wish I did a bit more taking in rather then letting out!

    Nina x


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