Joining the Squares

Dear Laura,

A new year brings with it a lot of unfinished projects and even worse lots of new wool bought at loop tempting me to start some more. I found myself hugging the new wool again this morning, it is so soft and beautiful. But I am being strong, no new projects until I have at least made the effort to finish my largest project ever!

As you remember two years ago we decided to make an afghan crochet blanket. I am not sure either of us really realized what this would entail and how much time this would take. Determined to move forward I packed all my squares in my suitcase and dragged them all the way to England.

It was there that I found that they were in fact children nectar. One two year old so enamored with one of my squares refused to let it go. At least I know there are one or two small people who might like my blanket. Still even with all the lugging and intentions, I only managed to join about three squares. So I packed everything back up and now, back home, with the new year underway and the renewed enthusiasm it brings I am making more headway. 

I hope I get it finished soon, I have some lovely socks I want to make and I am really excited to try some fair isle patterns. 

Lots of Love



  1. I want to get better at fair isle, I'm looking forward to seeing what you get stuck into :)

  2. Keep going Annie, it's going to be so worth it with all those jewel like colours xox Oh and well done for being disciplined to stick to one project at a time, I'm afraid I do not have your will power!

  3. I have something similar left over from two years ago - maybe this year....maybe! Though you will probably finish yours way before me.

    Beautiful colours,

    Nina x

  4. Hi Annie! I can't believe you bought all those squares here, I though I was bad when I travelled! It will be lovely to see them all joined though :) I'm not really one to talk about 'finishing ones project before starting another' but keep strong & you'll be really pleased you finished this before starting on that new stash... :) x

  5. Wow! Those squares look just lovely- what perfect colours.
    Have a great week,

  6. I've been attempting to knit a blanket for about a year and am not even halfway yet. It's turned into a bit of a labour of love/hate! Yours is looking lovely so far - those colours are delicious! :) x


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