The Floods Can't Put A Damper On Us

Dear Laura,

North Devon made the national news, the national news! There has been a lot of rain here you see, a lot, so much that the ground has finally given up and said no more. This unfortunately has meant a lot of flooding near here. However, as you know my sister is not one to stay inside regardless of the weather or danger of cliff subsidence. So persuaded to leave the house after three days sitting by the fire knitting happily, I set off with my sister and her man for a walk. 

This is serious stuff, so serious that I took my knitting with me in case I decided to stay in the car whilst they jogged over the cliffs in the rain. Luckily for all of us, the rain stopped and I decided I would brave the mud and puddles. I was extremely glad I did because it was utterly beautiful, there really is nothing like the North Devon hills rolling into the green cliffs which fall so dramatically into the sea. 

Lots of Love


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