moments to treasure

Dear Annie,

As I write this, you are on a plane flying back to the States, but I am so glad that we managed to catch up whilst you were home for Christmas.

Here are a few snaps from our day together in London. A mooch around the vintage shops of Camden Passage and a trip to the Aladdin's cave of gorgeous yarns which is Loop. To follow there was a superlative Thai lunch at Isarn with our oldest and dearest friends.

Moments to treasure.

Love from,


PS: All the pictures in this post were taken with Instagram, where I am @steadyeyebrows and Annie is @nimblefingered. If you are also an Instagram user, come and say hello!


  1. looks like a lovely day for both of you! xxx

  2. Aha yes, Loop, what a place!
    Happy New Year ladies, here's wishing you both a fabulous 2013.
    Kate xox

  3. Oh Loop, how I love you :)


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