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Dear Annie,

Making friends on the internet is a curious thing. I have met so many lovely and like-minded people through blogging and Twitter, and I often spend a good part of my day chatting to them. These friendships can sometimes feel quite ethereal- as if I have a rather well-developed set of imaginary friends! On Sunday, I had the pleasure of spending a day in Bath with some of these fabulous women, meeting them in the flesh for the very first time. Emma, Kat, Lou, Lottie, Catherine and a 'real life' friend who has recently entered the blogging world, Natalie. Warm, funny and inspiring, they were brilliant company. As you might expect when bloggers meet, there was chatting, there was cake and there were lots and lots of photographs...

love from, 



  1. Imaginary no longer! Wish I had longer to chat.. I felt I only touched the surface of everything I wanted to say. Another meet up very soon. xxx

    1. Yes indeed! It was lovely to finally meet you in person. L xx

  2. How lovely ... it must be great to finally meet ... Bee xx

  3. how lovely! I can hear the chatter and the clicking of shutters!

  4. Looks like fun! I wish I was closer :)

  5. Hello! I had such fun, it was great to take a day out of internet blogging and transfer it into the real world! Lovely pics too!

  6. I agree with Lou - next time we need more chatting time. Lovely to meet you too x

  7. I love it! Maybe I can join next time and I won't have to imagine the cool things you did!


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