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Dear Annie,

Making a gingerbread house is a festive activity that S has been keen to have a go at for quite some time now. You may remember our gingerbread disaster from a couple of years ago, since which I have been rather nervous about having another try! So, when I heard that the lovely Emma Bradshaw was running a family Gingerbread House Workshop at nearby Prema Arts, I booked us a place straight away.

The workshop was just as fab as I had expected it to be. The boys absolutely loved it and it was such a great activity to do as a family. R was sneakily nibbling the sweets whilst S and D let their creativity flow with the decorations. We had a few construction wobbles, and our house was definitely one of the more rustic creations (whilst my clever friend Natalie's was certainly one of the most beautiful) but we were extremely proud to take home a completed gingerbread cottage. Thank you, Emma. We'll definitely be back next year...

Love from,



  1. They look fab!

    I'm hoping to make one with the girls this weekend - the mini ones went ok'ish' last year so I'm hoping we'll have success on a bigger scale as wee - she says. Famous last words and all that.

    Nina x

  2. ....as wee! Sorry - should of been well. Gawd knows where that came from. Auto correct and all that.

  3. Lovely ... looks like it was a lot of fun ... a great festive treat ... Bee xx

  4. wow these look great! I am very impressed and what a cool idea having a family workshop. I haven't attempted a gingerbread house yet... maybe one day.... not sure that I want to let the kids decorate my house, we might have to make a couple ;)

  5. We make a house every year. If someone else made that biscuit pieces for us I'd be over the moon. I know you can buy them from the Swedish shop but I like homemade gingerbread. Apparently I also like stress ;-)


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