Endless Skies

Dear Laura,

Although Christmas is descending on us alarmingly quickly, I would like to take you back to Thanksgiving just for a few minutes. Every year Me and R head west to cowboy country (well New Mexico) and spend a good few days eating, relaxing, eating, sitting by the fire, eating and enjoying this amazing country. I feel like I am in a movie set, the landscapes flow endlessly to the horizon, often flat plains for miles and miles and miles. Mountain ranges spring up in the distance and suddenly the earth separates in front of you. All the while the desert sun blazes through the crystal blue skies warming the winter earth beneath.

Every time I go out west I think about the original pioneers, heading into the unknown, the obstacles seemly insurmountable the scenery astonishingly beautiful, bravely heading into those endless skies.

Lots of Love



  1. oh my. those skies are huge. and soooo blue. I should love to ride a horse cowgirl style across those plains x

  2. How breathtaking, all that wide open space and not a soul around. A good film indeed.

  3. What a perfect place to spend Thanksgiving - though the silly school girl in me immediate thinks of the film Blazing Saddles when I think of cowboys...such silliness I know.

    Nina x


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