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Dear Annie,

The term 'elving' (meaning preparing for Christmas) wasn't one that I had heard before I entered the world of blogs, but I have to admit that it is a word that I rather like.

We have certainly been elving this weekend. Saturday's advent calendar activity was 'Let's make clothes peg elves" and S and I had a lovely time creating these little chaps for the Christmas tree. It took me a little bit of puzzling as to how to make a cloak with a pointy hood, but we got there in the end.

Sunday's advent activity being "Let's go and pick some holly", we wrapped up warm, packed the obligatory flask of hot chocolate and set off for the hill and the woods, to forage for pinecones and holly. The sun came out for us and the gliders were up. 

My kitchen is now full of the scent of pinecones, gently opening in a warm oven. I have a tray of orange slices also ready for a slow bake. Next week's elving tasks will begin with the making of a festive wreath for the front door and a batch of pinecone firelighters.

Love from,


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  1. I love the term 'elving' - it's the kind of word that conjures up all kinds of magical things.

    Happy elving,

    Nina x


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