advent arrives

Dear Annie,

Last year, I had every intention to make the boys an advent calendar, but moving house and unexpected events meant that I ran out of time. This year, I gave myself plenty of time and I bought one of these fabulous hand screen-printed kits from Blueberry Park. It was a real pleasure to make, and I know that we will use it for many years to come.

I have collected together a mixture of tiny sweet treats, little toys and festive activities to fill it with. My boys, needless to say, are extremely excited.

The countdown to Christmas starts here...

Love from,



  1. It looks gorgeous and so much fun :)
    Every year I intend to make nativity characters to pop in the pockets of the pocket hanging I have stored in the loft.... maybe next year?

  2. Lovely ideas for your advent calendar! Happy December first!

  3. I just love your little "let's make..." ideas. Hope you have a wonderful advent and so pleased you are so happy with it. x

  4. Love this Advent calender ... love to see you do the same as we do here ... the promise of fun rather than sweets all the time ... wishing you a lovely Advent ... Bee xx

  5. that is very lovely! oh how I love the polar express x

  6. A great idea - I always have good intentions then run out of steam at the last minute.

    Nina x


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