The Soldiers Go Marching

Dear Laura,

I have suddenly found the need for more bags / gadget cosies, hooray! I got this soldier material from the V&A. They were suggesting I use it as wrapping paper, which was odd, I loved the soldiers in their buzzbys and have been dying to use the fabric for ages. I lined the bag with some maroon cord which gives the bag lots of strength.

The gadget in question is my photo printer, which I love so much. I use it far more than I thought I would. Now I know it is safe and sound protected by 100s of soldiers.

Lots of love



  1. Gorgeous fabric, I have seen a similar pattern on a pair of pj bottoms in Cath Kidston. Unfortunately they did not pass the winter warmth test.

  2. You always seem to find such lovely fabric!

  3. Oh, that's just brilliant. Love it. My BIL used to be in the band of the coldstream guards so we also have a soft spot for the uniforms!

  4. What a tiny printer!! And very cute bag for it. Great job!


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