Thanksgiving Knitting

Dear Laura,

I feel some explanation is needed for this item I knitted over thanksgiving. You see I was looking for a small project, one that would be satisfying but also one that can be done whilst chatting and watching the hubby and his dad cook. This is not where the explanation is needed. I am, you see, a grown women, however I do own a toy lamb, I have no children as you know so I really have no excuse but I like my lamb, and sometimes I think he gets a little cold. Inspired by the wonderful prints, and cushions and t-towels and all sorts designed by Mary Kilvert, I couldn't resist but knit my lamb a jumper. It all felt a little Wallace and Gromit, especially when figuring out how to maximise the use of 5 needles for two arm holes. But the project was done before dinner and now my lamb is nice and warm for the winter.

It is the first jumper I have ever made and is bringing me some confidence to take the leap and try one for me. Maybe not this style though.

Lots of love 


  1. A matching jumper may be a bridge too far but who am I, toy lamb less as I am to say?

  2. it is quite brilliant! and I am very happy that lamb is warm and cosy now, although I am a little worried if he is safe up that tree..... my son would approve too, several of his animals wear jumpers, including the polar bear, who I would have thought would have been used to the cold x

  3. Your lamb is very sweet. I'm a grown up and have no children but have various beloved bears and a small penguin, I was thinking of making my favourite old bear a red jumper for Christmas - so you are not alone and that is a super jumper. If anyone asks you were just practising techniques? A baby jumper can be a good practise for making yourself a jumper, it's how I started.

  4. He should be grateful lamb is not served at Thanksgiving. What happens at Easter?

  5. So cute :)
    You go girl - do one for you! But, I agree, not this style ;)

  6. This set of photos is so darn cute! Love the sweater you knit! It can't be easy, knitting something so tiny!


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