New York, New York

Dear Laura,

A couple of weekends ago R and I went to a very dear friends wedding in New York. It was lovely to spend the weekend in the city but the most amazing thing was the view we had from our hotel. We stumbled into our hotel room late and tired from the journey to be greeted with this panorama.
In the morning the view didn't disappoint  I opened the curtains and there it was again, in all its glory.
I am a sucker for the 1920s and the Chrysler building remains my favourite building of all time, it is so beautiful in the skyline.
Our trip only really consisted of going to the wedding and a nice 8 mile trot around New York, trying to see as much as we could in as little time as possible.

The New York Public Library above and some delicious falafel below. 
Lots of love



  1. Gorgeous photos ... what an amazing view ... Bee xx

  2. Wow what a great post those photos are gorgeous. X


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