Waiting for the Storm and the Aftermath

Dear Laura,

In 1987 I was taken out of school, the winds were blowing so hard and I was handed to my mother via ladder over the fence in front of our house. It was exciting and the trees were swaying, the skies were grey and all the adults had worried looks on their faces. In those gales the roof blow off our school and tons of trees feel in the back of our house which became a fantastic playground for me and my friend for a long time afterwards.

Monday was similar but I had a worried look on my face, luckily this was far less destructive for us. With the metro shut and me working from home, I spent most of the day googling the hurricanes path and watching a man on tv standing in flood water in the wind whilst I waited for Sandy to arrive.

 Here's some rain
 No chance of leaving the house
 the aftermath

Luckily for us we haven't been very badly effected up the coast in New Jersey and New York things have been worse, we are hoping that things get better for everyone really soon.

lots of love



  1. I've been thinking of you xxx glad you are ok, take care x

  2. I've been thinking a lot about everyone in your part of the world - glad to hear that you're okay.


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