The Honey Flows

Dear Laura,

Today we finally harvested the honey we took from the bees three weeks ago. In the olden days they used to have to destroy the hive to get at the honey, luckily we don't have to do that anymore, and we can extract the honey and give the bees back their wax and almost fully formed comb. We even leave the apparatus outside for the bees to clean up / take the rest of the honey back to the hive.

It was a fairly intensive process with a lot of running about and hiding the honey from the bees. But despite the mess, the water, the bees, I managed to take a couple of pictures of the process.

Removing the cappings (all wax we are going to use later on)

Six frames into the extractor with the cappings in the bag, we don't want to miss any of the honey. 

Frames full of honey ready to go

Spin Spin Spin, this is actually surprisingly tiring! 

All gone, now the honey is in the bottom ready to flow out into our bucket 

 Refinement number 1

Refinement number 2

And now we have to wait for 5 days FIVE DAYS before putting the honey in pots and enjoying it all winter! I need to design a label for it, and a name, any suggestions?

Lots of love



  1. Wow, that's serious kit - I think my husband could be persuaded to take up a hobby with lovely shiny gadgets like that :-) Sadly our garden is so small that if there were hives in it there would be no space for us, so instead we rely on neighbours with bigger gardens to supply the village with honey. Yum.

  2. This is really amazing, I had no idea a machine like this existed. I love bee's but I doubt I'll ever keep any, especially as J is allergic to their stings! Apparently if you suffer with hay fever, eating local honey helps as it's made with pollen from your area :)

  3. Wow! Mr Myrtle will be so envious of your gear - maybe it's spur him on in his honey adventures.
    Name? How about Sticky Fingers?

  4. The only comment that seems appropriate here is Wow!, and I see Libby felt the same. Totally agree about naming it Sticky Fingers too :D

  5. Oh my - totally 'yum'

    I'm rubbish with labels...and names. I'm sure the right thing will pop into your head when you least expect it.

    Nina x

  6. You have a bee hive in DC?! Amazing! Cool local honey. Where did you get this?


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