pedal power

Dear Annie,

After two years of his balance bike, S was more than ready for a pedal bike. Once we finally got round to fixing the puncture in his cousin's hand-me-down bike, he was off. It really was a joyful sight, seeing my boy pedalling away for the first time. The fact that he was wearing his mama-knit hand warmers just made the moment that tiny bit sweeter.

Love from,



  1. Oh, how lovely! I remember te summer I learned to cycle and it felt like te ultimate liberation. Would have loved those hand Warner's as I went. C.x

  2. Oh how sweet ... my eldest little boy is mad to get his stabilisers off ... I can't wait to see him pedalling away like your little boy ... well done ... Bee x

    Love the little handwarmers ... x

  3. Pedal power! They always say a good start is on a slope and that looks like a very good start indeed.

    Nina x


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