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Dear Annie,

Last year, in this post, I told you the story of my lovely old Jones sewing machine. As you know, it is very special to me. For a little while now, however, I have been hankering after a newer machine with a few more advanced features. I resisted this temptation until a couple of weeks ago, when my faithful old machine suddenly developed a faulty cable. As I had recently inherited a little money from my beloved Gran it seemed that the time had come to invest in a new machine.

I can't begin to tell you how excited I was when it arrived. It was given a very quick test-sew, and then I took it with me to the second week of a Saturday morning dressmaking course, where it positively purred, handling every task with ease (which is more than I can say for myself!) 

Now I am hoping to manage a couple of hours to myself at some point this week so that I can really put the machine through its paces, and so that I can finish off my dress, which rather scarily includes trying out the zipper foot...

Love from,



  1. I am looking forward to see which one of those stylish dresses you make!

    Pomona x

  2. Hey!!! snap! it's just like mine - and I LOVE it. :)

  3. A snap! from me too : )

    It does everything I need it to and more, a fab machine. Happy sewing

  4. How fab! I'm sure your Gran would be delighted. Can't wait to see the frock. C.x

  5. How lovely to have a new machine!
    My old gal is making weird fizzing noises (which I suspect is some sort of faulty wiring) and so I too am contemplating replacing her with something newer!


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