rosehip syrup

Dear Annie,

It has been our first Autumn in our new home in the countryside, and we have been making the most of it by foraging for all manner of things from the hedgerows. The boys have loved it, and they take great pleasure in the growing stash of jars, bottles and frozen berries which we have 'put away for the winter', just like in one of their their favourite books, Brambley Hedge Autumn Story.

This weekend it was rosehips that we were looking for. Using Lou's recipe, D has made a batch of bright rosehip syrup, bursting with vitamins. We are hoping that a little a day will ward off the inevitable coughs and colds.

Love from,



  1. :) I am so happy you made some. I must do it too! I'm already feeling the sniffles. x

  2. inspired by you I have 2 lovely bottles, and just in time, the sniffles are here big time. xxx

  3. i can just imagine D in the kitchen making it! xx

  4. I'm fed up with the sniffles & I've only had them for the last 24 hours! Perhaps I should've made rosehip syrup...

  5. Hoe does it taste? I have to say I was looking at the laden bushes and wondered what you can make with them. Now I know I may just try! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Fantastic - We could do with some already! The sniffles are here early this year....


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