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Dear Laura,

I love photos, all photos, I actively look forward to seeing peoples holiday photos and I think all wedding photos are infinitely interesting. I even like bad photos. You know, the old decapitation trick or the focus in the wrong place. I love love love good photos, I can look at those for hours. Well, as you can imagine, once I actually saw what Instgram was I instantly loved it. I love to play with the filters and to saturate my pictures with colour. It is so much fun.

I have a problem however, I don't really understand how to find people to follow on Instgram, at the moment I am just following you (steadyeyebrows) and another of my friends, although you both take beautiful pictures, this does not feed my photos addiction. So I just ask simply if anyone is on Instgram and they are happy for me to follow them, please can you leave your user name. I am nimblefingered, currently I post too many pictures of the same things as I am really enjoying playing with the app.

Lots of love



  1. Hello from a fellow Instagram addict. I'm @oysterpots - private but just request a follow and I'll oblige :)


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