Olympus Trip 35: my new (old) camera

Dear Annie,

My first camera, as I told you in this post, was an Olympus Trip 35, given to me by my Dad on my 15th birthday. I loved it, and used it for several years until I bought my first Canon SLR, at which point it was consigned to a box in the loft and forgotten. 

A while ago, I gave my other two film cameras to my cousin, who is a photography student, but I kept hold of the Trip, partly for sentimental reasons and partly because it is such a beautiful, classic camera. Since my photography skills have been sharpened by the DSLR Bootcamp, I suddenly had a hankering to give film photography another try, and so the Trip was dusted down and brought back into the light.

The aperture blades were stuck, so it needed a visit to the camera repair shop before it was ready for its first roll of film. It is actually a very simple camera to use; the Trip selects the shutter speed and aperture, all that I need to change is the distance from the subject, then point and click (the lack of shutter lag is most refreshing after using digital cameras!)

I am really enjoying the mystery of not knowing how my shots have come out, and am eagerly awaiting the moment when I develop my first roll of film. It seems that in the time since I last used it, the Trip has become something of a cult camera. If I am feeling brave, I may even upload some photographs to the dedicated Olympus Trip Flickr pool.

Love from,


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  1. So long since I've used film but it's still the best. Can't wait to see how they turn out. My only film camera weighs the same as a small child so don't take it ou very often. C.x


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