Oh I do Like to be Beside the Seaside

Dear Laura,

I have been to the beach twice in the USA, twice in five years! Well Labour day was going to make it three. R thinks I am all OCD at the beach, he says I can't relax. Although we both practically grew up on the beach, his was in Florida, mine was in Devon. Where I imagine him lying back sun bathing and dipping his toes in the sea to cool off, palm trees gently swaying in the ocean breeze, we wound the windows down to let the cold air blow in, this was to trick our bodies into feeling like we had arrived somewhere tropical once we stepped out of car on top of the green cliffs overlooking the yellow sands and blue sea we had come to conquer.

You see as far as I am concerned the beach is about movement, movement to keep yourself warm. Once we had decided to go and play in the waves, once we had made the commitment to put our shoulders under the ice cold water there is no waiting around, swim, jump, body surf, move move move, until we were too tired and could no longer jump and swim and surf, then it was run, run to the warm dry towel left far up the beach on the rocks so the tide didn't wash it away. Sitting on those rocks away from the wind, we huddled in our towels sipping hot chocolate made sweeter and tastier by the salt from the sea which had layered on our lips. 

This is the beach, this is the sea, this is what I love.

So I will admit I am a little lively on the beach, I like to see what is around me, and we had such treats at Assateague bay. 

 Wild horses (Assateague is a national park)

My friend Mr Crab

 Some things remain resolutely the same, the sand between the toes

And the stormy weather (although this was a tropical storm, hence the lady sat there in a bikini not shivering)

I love the beach but what I really love is splashing in the waves, the sea was perfect and the waves were strong enough to bring us in on our bellies. I do hope we don't wait another two years to go to the beach here again.

Lots of love



  1. it looks like a wonderful trip. I couldn't bear to be away from the beach for 2 years!

  2. How lovely to sit on the beach and watch those beautiful horses go by.


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