I might have trouble baking, but I can definitely set things on fire

Dear Laura,

All this talk of film SLRs is making me want to go and dig mine out. Your pictures were beautiful and the wedding looked fab.

As you know I am a long time fan of Dr Who, I loved it as a child and I love it now. On the BBC America site, there was a recipe for some wonderful Dalek cakes (here is a link, you might want to take a peak at what they were supposed to look like!). I really wanted to make them but had very little excuse. Then it turned out to be the birthday of the only other Brit in the office. So I thought to myself, at least one person might know what these things are and off I trotted.

Now this turned into one disaster after another. Firstly the recipe had three stages, including the rather complicated ganache making and decorating. I went wrong from the start. Pulling the cake out of the oven it had sunk completely in the middle. I tried to "save" the cake, this involved cutting most of it off, I think I ended up wasting most of it, and assembling the daleks by sticking it together. I went to a different recipe for the ganache which thankfully turned out ok, and tried my best to finish them so that they at least looked edible. By midnight on a Sunday I was pretty much willing to take anything into work.

From the beginning I had decided that what I really wanted to do was to stick candles in for their arms and set them on fire to make them look like flame throwers. And so I did, and the disaster of the previous days mistakes all melted away as I giggled to myself at having a dalek cake in front of my with its arms on fire.

(a colleague said they looked like alien soldiers, so pretty close)

My baking skills need help, however, my childish instincts and pyromania seem to be fully intact!

Lots of love



  1. I'm not British, but I love Dr. Who. Fantastic! :)

  2. Very cute ... who cares if they aren't perfect ... they look pretty good to me ... Bee x

  3. This has made me cry with laughter. I think these are much more scary than real daleks. Cxxx

  4. I'd love to have seen the look on your American colleagues' faces! C.x


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