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Dear Annie,

Now that I have told you about my new (old) camera, it will come as no surprise to you to hear that one of my first thoughts was that I needed to make a camera bag for it. I decided that a lightly padded drawstring bag would be the best solution, something that I could easily pop in my handbag, but which would give the Olympus Trip some protection. I used this excellent tutorial, adding some fleece interfacing for padding, which I ironed to the back of the lining fabric before sewing it together.

I was really pleased with the fabric combination for this project. The fabulous camera print is from Birch Fabrics (I bought it on our jaunt to FloJo Boutique); the yellow slub silk was part of my auction haul, and the soft denim lining was a  recycled pair of my favourite old jeans. The measuring tape drawstring came from FloJo. I also love the bag's flat base, which isn't clear in the photographs, but it does mean that it stands beautifully.

I am so enamoured of this bag that I am inclined to make a second one for my DSLR. With a quarter of a yard of the camera print fabric left over and crying out to be used, I might just have to do so.

Love from,



  1. That fabric is just beautiful...I'm heading over to Birch fabrics NOW!x

  2. I've never seen camera fabric - just perfect for this brilliant project!

  3. Just lovely! And these would make great holds for spare lenses as well. Haven't made anything for ages, but this is definitely making me wan to dig out my stash. C.x

  4. That's a perfect project. The camera fabric is really the lick, as the youngsters say round my way :)

  5. No denying what the bag's for .. It is lovely! Xox

  6. Love it! Gorgeous, practical, and as Kate says, no denying what it's for!


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