Discovering Belts

Dear Laura,

I am often way behind the curve on many things, I like to take my time for discovery (well that is what I claim, I am just a little bit slow), but this discovery really took a very long time. Belts. Well they are marvelous aren't they. For those of us blest with a rather straight up and down figure it is nice to be able to highlight some curves. 

And so it began. 

I initially experimented with the teacup dress, then I had an ah ha moment. The drape drape dress I made literally years ago (well one but who is counting!) has been languishing in a pile of jumpers. I loved it but it really wasn't very flattering which meant I wasn't wearing it. So, renewed, I pulled it out of hiding, and removed the capped sleeves, did a couple of alterations to the sides and threw on a belt. Viola! I love it soooooo much, I want to wear it all the time.

As always apologies for the rather severe faces I am pulling, although it appears to the contrary, I am actually very happy with this dress. Incidentally in the top picture I was trying to smile!

Lots of love


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