bramble jelly

Dear Annie,

Last week, the boys and I spent one of our last weekday afternoons together (before S starts school full time) wandering through the fields picking blackberries.There is really nothing nicer on a sunny September day. Once the boys were in bed, I made a batch of dark purple bramble jelly.

How I relish these autumnal pleasures.

Love from,


PS: Jam labels from here, via Lottie.


  1. Looks delicious. And such lovely photos. C.x

  2. What a good haul! Love the colours in that last photo.

  3. Wonderful Autumn....& wonderful looking jam too. Happy eating!

  4. Hi! I have been lurking, reading and not writing things for a bit - but I've not missed a post! Love the camera bag, great photos and I agree, Autumn pleasures - my favourite for sure!


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