wedding cake of one hundred bees

Dear Annie,

The wedding cake has to be my finest ever baking achievement. Three fruit cakes (two to stack, one to cut in advance), each marzipanned and iced. To decorate them, I made one hundred marzipan bees, with dark chocolate stripes and flaked almond wings. It was an enormous relief when the cake was cut, and I discovered that it had indeed cooked perfectly right through. Baking it was a very steep learning curve, and there were some stressful moments along the way but I was extremely proud of the finished article

A real labour of love which -given that it was a wedding cake - is entirely appropriate.

Love from,



  1. This is bee-you-tiful!

  2. Ooooohhhh...I love it! Well done, I am in awe...

  3. beautiful, well done my friend. xxxx

  4. wow what an amazing cake - well done you, you're right to be very proud of it x

  5. oooh my god, this is amazing!! ooh looking forward to more tales and pictures of The Big Day! Love love love, Giulia from Italy (the next traveling wedding veue, right??) xxx

  6. Oh my! I made a handful of bees for a Winnie the Pooh cake a few years back so I know exactly how much sticky fingered work has gone into the decoration. Bravo!

  7. This cake is every kind of awesome, I may start to decorate all food from cereal to chilli with marzipan bees!

  8. oh it's just gorgeous xxx


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