Paper Dresses

Dear Laura,

As usual I was faffing on the internet when I came across this excellent youtube videoI was enthralled immediately and even though it was fairly slow going so you could do the origami along with her, I couldn't wait to try it out myself. 

As you remember in Thailand we did lots of origami, from stars, to flying birds, to roses and even, if I remember correctly, a fish made from a banana leaf where the stalk of the leaf became a rod. We were taught by monks, students, teachers and friends. It was such a happy and relaxing activity.

I love dresses and I love material, I have far too much, so if I couldn't have material I wanted pretty paper at least. And so I made a dress

and I made some more and more and more (with the help of my sister) and we used them for place names, and I love my little dresses.

They are easy to make and so satisfying, they would make some good bunting I think!

Lots of love



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