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Dear Annie,

What better way to spend a Hen Party afternoon than a Knicker Making party at the fabulous Flo Jo Boutique? In a room filled with sewing machines and retro fifties styling, and with a little help from the experts, we cut, pinned and stitched. There were boxes of beautiful fabrics, ribbons, frills and elastics. There was good company and plenty of laughter. There was tea and cake in vintage china. By the end of the afternoon, there was a pile of frilly handmade fancy pants, and to finish- a glass of babycham. Cheers!

Love from,



  1. Fabulous!!
    What a brilliant idea for a sewing lesson- I'd love to make some fancy pants!!
    Have a great week.

  2. Inspired that's what it is- handmade frilly fancy pants, I'm off to have a look at the boutique site!

  3. Very nice, thanks for sharing.

    Vico @ rental mobil


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