a week in baking

Dear Annie,

{blueberry buttermilk cake}

{fairy cakes (self-sprinkled by the boys) }

{summer berry loaf cake}

{chocolate rice crispie cakes (with a sprinkle of edible glitter) }

I do rather a lot of baking. I find it to be a very therapeutic activity. There is the satisfaction of creating something, the pleasure of bringing enjoyment to others, and the alchemy of combining a few simple ingredients and producing something delicious. 

There always seems to be something to bake for, too. This week, it was a camping trip; a play date; a visit from the inlaws and a rainy afternoon.

I am also in the process of working on some extra special cakes- a stacked wedding cake for the dearest of friends. If truth be told, this sort of baking is a little outside my comfort zone, but with the help of my kind friend Natalie (who provided me with a recipe and her invaluable advice, as well as lending me the tools I needed) I am well on my way. 

{the first of the wedding cakes awaiting its marzipan layer}

Love from,


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  1. Good weather for baking too I think and I applaud you for taking on the wedding cake! Loving those little fingers


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