strawberries for jam

Dear Annie,

Once again, we have been visiting the Pick-your-Own farm. This time, our basket was filled with luscious scarlet strawberries. Of course quite a few didn't actually make it as far as the basket; they are hard to resist, with their sweet scent and their glossy sheen.

Jam was the destiny of this particular basket of berries. Nine jars in all. Hopefully enough to keep the resident jam-monsters happy for a few months at least!

A batch of home-made jam seemed the perfect opportunity to try out a new recipe that I have been eyeing. Jam Shortbread, from Tessa Kiros' wonderful book Apples for Jam. Intended to be this week's lunchbox treats, it will be a miracle if they last long enough. So sweet, so gooey and oh so very, very tempting.

Love from,



  1. oh look at those up in the air strawberries, how clever is that! and the shrotbread looks amazing, I have that book, how come I've never made them........

  2. The jam shortbread is a regular in our house, especially good for those days when I realise I have no treats to put in the lunchboxes for the next day ... We haven't visited our local PYO yet this year - nothing seems to be ripe yet!


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