Stormy Weather

Dear Laura,

The more I live in America the more wild I think this country is, not only the extraordinary scenery but the weather too. It has been hot, so so hot here for the last two days and the heat wave is continuing. A warm hug of air greets you as you step outside and it feel amazing for the first five minutes, the heat travels around you and through you and warms every nook and cranny, then it doesn't stop. The air continues to thicken, it presses down on you, and begins to feel like an oven slowly cooking you with every step you take.

This heat builds during the day and results in some spectacular (and rather frightening) thunder storms. On Friday night at around 10 o'clock we started to see lightning flashes through the shutters, then the windows began to rattle. Outside the trees were bending almost to the ground, the wind was howling down the streets whistling and shaking anything it could. Soon the rain started lashing the house, large puddles rapidly appeared on the window sill and floor finding its way through tiny cracks in a window not fully boxed in yet. A river of water ran down the road and one of the trees gave way and fell. Thunder boomed echoing off the buildings so loud it drowned out any other noise around. The storm raged for about an hour and all we could do was watch helplessly from the windows unable to sleep as the world around us seemed to be turning upside down.

This country is wild, the bees however are fine, phew!

Lots of love



  1. oh my. we had a huge storm on Thursday, but your's sounds really scary.

  2. We lived in upstate New York for a while, and I have never seen storms to rival those we experienced from time to time. Full on, pull the car off the road rain and lightning. They're amazing, but I rather hope not to see anything like them again. I'm glad the bees are okay!

  3. Phew! So glad you and the bees are ok - I was thinking of you when iheard on the radio that there had been huge storms over the pond. Can you please send some of the hotness this way? Been nothing but rain for the last 2 months over here :(


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