The Smokey Mountains

Dear Laura,

We have been having a heat wave, a proper unpleasant heat wave, in DC. For the last week the temperatures have been exceeding 100'F. This is very very hot. So we decided to escape for the 4th July holiday. Off we went, down south to the mountains, it was wonderful. 

I think it is fairly self explanatory why they are called smokey mountains. All the traditional things were done, BBQ

Watching the DC fireworks on the telly (even though had we been at home we could have just popped out of the front door). Some wild turkeys even stopped by for a bite to eat.

Some trees were chopped down. Yikes!

Mostly it was just wonderful to be in the forest in the mountains watching the cows and the horses in the fields surrounded by so much greenery and so many flowers.

Goodbye beautiful mountains I hope we see each other again soon.

The weather broke on Monday and we were entertained by forks of lighting disappearing as suddenly as they appeared and sudden heavy bursts of rain on our long drive home.

Lots of love


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  1. I am from that area in TN and I moved to DC for years :) Now I am living over seas but I know all these places in the pictures its so nice to see again I miss it :)


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