in search of the sun

Dear Annie,

After what seemed to be weeks of endless rain here in the UK, we have finally had some summer sunshine. An unexpectedly free weekend with a sunny forecast felt to us like a gift. We threw the bell tent in the car, along with our camping essentials, and headed to the Gower in search of sun, sea and sand. We were not disappointed.

We came home sandy, windswept, sun-kissed... and happy.

Love from,


(Square photographs are via Instagram, where you can find me as @steadyeyebrows)


  1. the gower is one of my favourite places in the UK!

    GREAT photos

    1. Thanks Kat! I haven't been on a beach holiday to the Gower since I was a child, but I think it will become an annual fixture now...

  2. oh my. just beautiful. xxx


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