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Dear Annie,

Do you remember, back in this post, I told you that a had won a scholarship place on the six week photography e-course, Collect the Moments, run by the Kats over at Capturing Childhood? Well, those six weeks are at an end. 

I can honestly say that I have loved every minute of the course, and it is actually surprisingly difficult to put into words just what I have learnt. There have been some very practical lessons: I now know how to bounce the flash and set up back button focus. I know my aperture from my shutter speed, when to use Av mode and when to use Tv mode. I understand the pivotal importance of light (and I have developed a slight obsession with catchlights!) I have found out about composition: using framing, lines and the rule of thirds to compose a shot.

My camera has become my constant companion, and I have been taught to see the world, and particularly my boys, with a photographer's eye. I have loved the way in which every element of childhood has been celebrated. I have endeavoured to capture the boys'  daily routines, their energy, their concentration, their messiness, their beauty and the tiny details of their lives. I have also been grateful for the fact that having assignments to complete has made me pick up my camera when I might otherwise not have done so (which would have meant missing out on some great shots).

The course has really made me think about childhood, and what it means within our own family. Routines, traditions, achievements, pride, patience and love are just some of those things.

Through the course Flickr and Facebook groups, I have met a lovely, supportive network of fellow photographers. Their comments have provided encouragement and their photographs have provided inspiration.

As is so often the case when learning new things, more than anything  I have discovered how little I know about photography and how much more I would like to find out. In fact, I have signed up for a second course with the Kats, Manual Overdrive, which begins next week (and registration is still open!)

My confidence as a photographer has increased exponentially, but more importantly, so has my love of photography, and not just that, but also my enjoyment of my children. I have come to realise just what a pleasure and a privilege it is to share these moments in my boys' childhood, and that the desire and ability to capture them is priceless.

Love from,


PS: You may notice the predominance of hands and feet in the photographs here! I did of course take photographs of my children's faces- hundreds, in fact. The pictures in this post are not necessarily the 'best' photographs that I have taken during the course, but they are the photographs that I am happy to share in this space.


  1. loving those toes! it has clearly been a wonderful course for you! x

  2. They're absolutely lovely photos - I can see you're proud of yourself and what you've learned, and deservedly so!

  3. AnonymousJuly 11, 2012

    Thank you so much for this, Laura!! You have been such a wonderful addition to the course and thank you so much for all of the tweeting and support you have shown!

  4. What can I say? I'm so glad you joined us and we got to see your fantastic pictures unfold. There is so much character, heart and creativity in what you do - can't wait to see what you capture next. Kat x


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