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Dear Annie,

This weekend there have been a few pockets of crafting time, and I have managed a couple of small projects.

Firstly, a padded strap for my camera. This was one of those ten minute projects that make me wonder why on earth I haven't found the time before. I used a tutorial found on Pinterest. Since beginning the Capturing Childhood course, my DSLR camera has become my constant companion. I would love to buy a sling strap for it, but until then this will have to do. I also have plans for  a camera bag - I've bought a  cheapie Primark satchel which I am going to customise with the addition of some padded inserts. I have foam, fabric and velcro ready, I am just waiting for the arrival of a glue gun (about which I am unreasonably excited!)

Secondly, some fresh knitting. I have several friends expecting babies in the next few months so some baby knits are called for. This is quite possibly my favourite knitting pattern of all time, a Milo tank top. I knitted several for R when he was a baby and it is rather lovely to have one on my needles once more. I am making the newborn size, so this should be a speedy little knit.

Love from,



  1. Love the green strap - looking forward to seeing more photos!
    I knitted a Milo recently - isn't it addictive!!!

  2. Love the camera strap - what a clever idea!


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