Tentative Steps

Dear Laura,

As you might remember I fought a lot with the tea cup dress that I made. It totally knocked my confidence and I haven't felt like sewing since. Luckily after a little while I put it on again, and well I have come to really enjoy wearing it. The best thing was that at the weekend, during the supermarket shop, a lovely lady ran up to me and told me that she loved my dress. Now that made me burst with pride, there is nothing better than being able to answer the question "where did you get it?" with "I made it myself". 

So last weekend I peaked into my sewing box.

Checked my "favourites" stash, I order my material by how much I love it, what can you do!

and I made something really really easy with the same tea cup fabric. A simple draw string bag. 

I made sure that my seams were nice and neat and it definitely made me feel a whole lot better about the sewing thing again. I am in fact really excited about getting stuck into my stash and I have some more favours to make, any suggestions greatly appreciated as I am a little stuck for ideas this time.

Lots of love 


  1. There's nothing like getting right back on that bike when you take a tumble, love your pretty drawstring bag and what a very neat and tidy sewing box.

    Fab blog, lily.

  2. Yippee! And it looks so lovely too :) Now, have a go at zips and make one of my box bags - you can do it!!!


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